​​​​Tboli Arts : An Appreciation

 One collector's perspective on the artistic majesty of a proud and beautiful people

The Ye Kumu (mother blanket) is a ceremonial fabric created for significant ceremonies to call on the spirits for blessings, usually for bountiful harvests, tapping of water sources, weddings of daughters and sons of datus and bois and other significant community activities requiring collective spiritual communion. Created since time immemorial, it is the most revered offering, made more powerful when offered together with a kemagi, kegal bensewit, sudeng or kefilan.

During olden times when we were strangers to civilization, it served as a blanket or the bed sheets of a leader of a powerful clan.

Legends (oral stories handed down through the ages) claim that the Ye Kumu was first created for Tudbulul (epic hero, a warrior of immense wealth) by his sisters headed by Kenaban.

Only a handful of weavers are gifted by Fu Dalu (tnalak spirit mentor) to create the Ye Kumu.                              

                                                                                                                                                                         Gida Ofong

Yoy Tinggal

Subi Nalon