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​​​​Tboli Arts : An Appreciation

 One collector's perspective on the artistic majesty of a proud and beautiful people

The Kegal Nesif - the traditional garment worn by Tboli women.  Cross-stitch with applique on trade cloth.  ​Prior to the arrival of trade cloth, these blouses were made of abaca.  By the mid 1960's, only the older women had yet to transition to the more common material.  The earliest pieces shown here use blue cloth as their base, the newer pieces tend to feature black as the background of choice.  Each and every kegal nesif is unique, and while you'll see certain patterns or symbols repeated, you'll not find two complete blouses alike.  The finer and more delicate the stitching, the more elaborate these works of art could become.  Please take a moment to enlarge the photos and look closely at the artistry and skill on exhibit here.  Try to imagine a time when a stroll through the market at Lake Sebu would allow you to see dozens if not hundreds of these magnificent garments on display, being worn by the humble yet majestic Tboli women of the day.  The collection is honored to feature two blouses owned previously by Lang Dulay.