Dudum Lobun bordered with Basag

Dudum Lobun bordered with Betek Kefung

(gathering of the clouds/patterns of the dust)

Much has been written about Lang Dulay, as for many years she was essentially the face of a group of master artists known as Tboli “Dreamweavers.”  As a 1998 recipient of the “Gawad Manlilikha ng Bayan” award, given by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, her status as a National Living Treasure in the Philippines was firmly ensconced. 

My family and I were blessed to have been able to spend a day with Lang Dulay and her weavers in 2013.  Among the many special moments from that day, we’ll never forget how she proudly sat down on the humble split bamboo floor, fastened herself into her cherished backstrap loom and began to weave for us.  Her stoic faced changed to a bright smile and her eyes beamed like those of a child. 

On April 30, 2015 Lang Dulay passed away.

This page is a simple tribute to Lang Dulay, not in paragraphs but in pictures.  Even later in life she remained a prolific artist, weaving the tnalak with a level of skill that motivated and continues to inspire those who watched and learned from her.  Each tnalak shown on this page was woven by Lang Dulay.  These are treasures that I am extremely honored to care for.  I would encourage you to linger on this page, taking in the unique and beautiful detail of each pattern.   Thank you.

Lel Alah

​(Stream or flow of the Alah River)

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​​​​Tboli Arts : An Appreciation

 One collector's perspective on the artistic majesty of a proud and beautiful people


Mebaga Klagan

(Klagan Template)


(Interconnectedness or connections)



(head to head)

Sobo (wild frog); Betek Leban (basket weave); Slion (shadow tree in the moon); Duon Tewok (fresh sprout/leaf); Uhu (deer); Benanay (rice seeds)